Mind Map

Benefits of

Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping is a highly effective way of organizing and presenting information using a visual technique.  Once you learn and use Mind Mapping, you will be able to:



Quickly and systematically arrange your thoughts

Provide visual representations that quickly unify scattered ideas

Rapidly connect ideas for enhanced memory recall

Study and comprehend curriculum for upcoming tests


Why should you use Mind Mapping?

Saves you time by using a natural way of thinking

Allows ideas to be quickly and easily shared

Anchors your thoughts together so that they can easily be remembered

Decreases study time

Can help to improve grades


What is Mind Mapping?

Mind Mapping is a powerful technique that combines a central idea with all of its parts on one sheet of paper.  By using key words and associating thoughts or themes with a specific color on the Mind Map, you can see how ideas are inter-related.  The visual aspects of the Mind Map, which uses branches to connect the thoughts and ideas, help to make the information easier to remember.  Originating in 1960, Mind Maps are used around the world.


Mind Mapping uses

Beware, Mind Mapping can become addicting.  Because it is so easy to use, once you learn Mind Mapping, you’ll be creating Mind Maps in your head for grocery lists, remembering errands and other itemized tasks.  Mind Mapping is also useful for:


Organizing scattered thoughts

Studying for tests

Helping your children learn

Memorizing information

Summarizing complex ideas


Building rapport and recalling client details


How does it work?

You start with a central idea and place it in the center of the paper.  This central idea acts as a tree trunk.  Main themes, each in a different color, are represented by branches which radiate from the trunk.  Each branch connects to smaller branches with information related to the main theme identified on the branch.  Keywords are used on the branches and twigs.  These keywords trigger the information and knowledge you want to remember or share with others.