Join us for a unique, two-day experience with the Master of Educational Kinesiology, (Brain Gym), Dr. Paul Dennison.

Dr. Dennison through his work with many different alternative modalities has blended together techniques and processes which resulted in the creation of what is known as Brain Gym, or Educational Kinesiology. He co-created this excellent body of work with his wife, Gail Dennison, and together they have shared this information around the work.

Brain Gym is taught in over 45 countries throughout the world, and has come to be known as the alternative way to overcome dyslexia as well as helping to improve eye vision and overall coordination between the mind and the body.

Dr. Dennison will bring his unique skill set and vast body of knowledge to this unique, two-day learning experience… join us!

February 23-24, 2019 in Ventura, California

Call for more details 805.746.5648 or email