As leaders within the industry, we want to  share our favorite resource materials with you.
Below are a few of our favorites that provide accelerated learning and are created by world-renown authors and  instructors.

Four Powers for GreatnessFour Powers for Greatness, Bennett and Sheele

Developed by Learning Strategies’ Professor J. Michael Bennett, Ed.D. and Paul R. Scheele, Ph.D., this communications course proves you the equivalent of 320 hours of comprehensive instruction on mastering four essential skills in just 4 to 8 hours.  Paul and Michael help strenghten listening skills, efficient reading, powerful speaking and professional writing.


Abundance for Life

Abundance for Life, Sheele

Paul R. Scheele, Ph.D. is an amazing instructor who can help you move toward the life you want to lead.   With this the Deluxe Abundance for Life Course you get the personal power to attain what you want from life. Just ask Charlotte Ward…


Memory OptimzerMemory Optimizer, Birkenbihl and Sheele

Why does your memory fail you?  Vera F. Birkenbihl and Paul R. Scheele, Ph.D have captured new brain research showing how easily you can improve your memory. It is yours with the Memory Optimizer.  The only major Memory Improvement program that improves your memory by simply listening to it. And, if you do the simple mental exercises, your memory improves even more!


Natural Brillance
Natural Brilliance, Scheele
If you have ever said: “I want to push forward and succeed, but it doesn’t happen the way I want.” Then someone took your genius away. Reclaim it now. (While there is still time) This audio series focuses on how to successfully overcome any challenge…at will



PhotoReading, Scheele

PhotoReading’s unique way to process and understand large volumes of information quickly and efficiently—without speed reading. Don’t want to make the time commitment to take our PhotoReading Course? Try learning PhotoReading at home, risk free.


ParaliminalsParliminals, Scheele

The break-through technologies of neuro-linguistic programming and whole brain learning coupled with over two decades of research and field work by Paul R. Scheele, have made Parliminals possible.  You can create a better life for yourself, and “you can do it” with Paraliminal recordings. These are not magical or mystical–they are simply the best, easy-to-use tools available today.


Genuis Code

Genius Code, Wenger, and Scheele

Mind development pioneer, Win Wenger, Ph.D, has research showing that the exceptional achievements of famous thinkers may have been more the result of mental conditioning than genetic superiority. He believes he can guide you to condition your own mind in the same way.  Learn how through Genius Code.


iMindMap Trial Mind Mapping, Think Buzan

Mind Mapping is a highly effective way of organizing and presenting information using visual techniques. Developed by Tony Buzan, Mind Mapping can provide many benefits.  Sign up for our Mind Mapping Course to learn the best use Mind Mapping.  Try the software for free.


Centerpoint Research Institute graphic2Centerpoint Research Institute

The Institute has created products to change the way you meditate. Try a free demo and see how their Holosync product can help you.