iStock_000001720568SmallBenefits to the PhotoReading® Whole Mind System

PhotoReading® is a highly effective way to process information at far greater speeds and at a higher comprehension level than traditional reading.

You can triple your reading speed

Boost your comprehension

Improve your memory

Save time

Increase your knowledge



Why should you learn to PhotoRead® ?

With PhotoReading® you can:

Actually read all of your industry journals

Catch up on reading books you’ve been wanting to read

Understand the gist of any book in 3 to 5 minutes

Identify and remember key points from reports or books in 10 minutes

Comprehend books 3 to 18 times faster than you can now

Identify key concepts in magazines and journal articles in 30 to 60 seconds


What is the PhotoReading® Whole Mind System?

Your non-conscious mind is capable of processing information at speeds of 25,000+ words per minute.  PhotoReading® taps into this capability by focusing on allowing your conscious mind to relax while your non-conscious mind learns.  Your conscious mind can then “activate” and retrieve the information stored in your non- conscious mind when you later need it.

By using the Whole Mind Learning System©, New Training Strategies can quickly teach you how to PhotoRead®.  The course is just 3 days!


Who can benefit from the PhotoReading® Whole Mind System?

Anyone who is required to read for their profession or studies.  Our students include:

Professionals: needing to keep up on periodicals

Attorneys: expecting to read and understand extensive briefs

Physicians: needing to keep up on the latest techniques and studies

Accountants: reviewing tax laws and journals

Licensees: taking exams

Students 13 years old and above: wanting to reduce their reading time

Retirees: Keeping their brain active through reading

Our system has also helped people who have been told they have Dyslexia, ADD and ADHD, as well as those with poor eyesight and English as Second Language (ESL).


PhotoReading® can help Wounded Learners with their reading skills.

PhotoReading® works for English as a Second Language Learners.

How does the PhotoReading® Whole Mind System work?

PhotoReading® balances a series of reading systems with the breakthrough technique of “mentally photographing” printed pages. That combination allows you to use your current abilities, coupled with PhotoReading®, to increase your reading and comprehension skills immediately.

PhotoReading® was developed by Paul R. Scheele, Ph.D. of Learning Strategies Corporation in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was first offered in 1985 as in-house training created for a private corporation.  In 1986 Learning Strategies Corporation became licensed as a Private School by the Minnesota Department of Education in order to teach this groundbreaking course.

PhotoReading® helps your brain to function at speeds you’ve never experienced before.  The secret is in keeping the conscious mind busy while your non-conscious mind is allowed to operate openly and freely.  When the non-conscious mind is free from distraction, it has the capability of “photographing” the printed words on a page and transforming them into thoughts that the author is attempting to convey to you by writing the book.  The PhotoReading® Whole Mind System allows your mind to absorb these thoughts at remarkable speeds, while maintaining the highest levels of comprehension you’ve ever experienced while reading!


PhotoReading® is different than speed reading.  Speed reading concentrates on reading quickly using the conscious mind, which is limited in the amount of material it can digest and remember at any given moment. While the non-conscious mind can comprehend and remember at much faster speeds.  PhotoReading® uses the power of your non-conscious mind to read and comprehend material.