Business Group WorkingNew Training Strategies has been providing one-on-one sessions along with accelerated training since 2009.  Because New Training Strategies’ commitment is to provide the highest quality of self-improvement and personal growth education, we have focused on courses that have the ability to create exponential progress in short periods of time.   We use techniques and strategies that leverage the learning abilities of the unconscious mind.

All of our innovative training courses and seminars come with a guarantee that you will learn new strategies that can enhance your learning skills.

We can create customized courses for you, your executive team and your organization that focus on obtaining results.

Our course curriculum includes:

  • Building Rapport Skills in Today’s Business Environment

    • Learn the three different ways people respond to what you say
    •  Learn how to speak in the language your client prefers
    •  Learn how to build three times the rapport in one-third the normal time
  • Selling Skills Using NLP Techniques

    •  Help your clients make the decision they need to make for your mutual benefit
    •  Learn why the Five-Step Sales Process is so successful
    •  Learn how to double your sales with one, simple technique
  • Phone Skills in Business

    •  Learn how people process the information you give them
    •  Learn how to speak your client’s language
    •  Learn why voice tonality improves your closing ratio
  • Time Planning for Busy Professionals

    •  Learn what tips and secrets are used by the most efficient business people
    •  Learn how to find an extra hour of useful time every day
    •  Learn how to increase productivity with efficient time planning
  • Goal Setting for Busy Professionals

    •  Learn what three key ingredients are necessary to successfully achieve your goals
    •  Learn when the best time is to plan your goals
    •   Learn how to prioritize the events of your day to achieve your goals
  • Double Your Reading Speed and Comprehension

    • Learn how to blast through reports and articles to get the information you need
    • Learn how to effectively double your reading speed
    • Learn how to increase your level of comprehension
  • Mind Mapping – The world’s most radiant thinking tool for organizing information!

    •  Learn the laws of Mind Mapping information for better retention in memory
    •  Learn to take better notes in seminars, classes and meetings by Mind Mapping
    •  Learn how to successfully achieve your goals by Mind Mapping them
  • PhotoReading© Whole Mind Learning System

    •  Learn to easily and effortlessly blast through books at 25,000 words per minute
    •  Learn how to increase your comprehension of the material you read to more than 80%
    • Learn how you can retain the information you learn for as long as you want it