More Testimonials: Praise for Tom!

“Thank you again for a wonderful class; it was the most value-packed class
I’ve ever taken!”
-Susan Batchelder

“Thanks for your commitment to transform the minds on this planet!”
-Yvette Bowlin, MBA

“This is the first time I’ve attended a seminar and never looked at my watch!”
-Debbie Matthews, Senior Helpers Franchise Owner

“Great job Tom. I’m blown away, and in a state of disbelief at how quickly this worked.
My results have already exceeded my expectations!”
-Ryan Skalla, Real Estate Investor

“I exceeded the goal, and it was most definitely a rewarding experience!”
-Ms. Susan Onuma, MBA, Loma Linda University

“All professionals, in the halls of academia or the business arena,
must have the tools taught in this seminar to compete in today’s environment!”
-Dr. Ken Holt, Chiropractor

Tom is an excellent communicator and trainer. His wealth of experience would be an asset to any company that hires him. I have attended Tom’s workshops and am always impressed with the new ideas I gain from the workshop. He is detail oriented and his presentations will exceed your expectations. Tom is a successful entrepreneur and loves sharing his expertise with others. I highly recommend Tom the Senior Trainer at New Training
-Sandra Amelino, District 12 Governor 2010-2011 Toastmasters

Tom is an amazing teacher, leader, and mentor. I worked with Tom for a year and it was an absolute gift. He was able to redirect my focus and my approach to my business, clients, and life. I can’t say thank you enough for the time, patience and guidance he showed me. I would recommend him to any professional that is looking for growth in any aspect of their life.
-Chris Ewing, Financial Representative

It was a real pleasure working with Tom. He was always kind, approachable and generous with his time. He is a consummate professional, multi-skilled, wise, self-motivated, and customer-service oriented. I have great respect for Tom and consider him one of my mentors.
-Byrant Bruning, Pats Director at Orange Coast Infiniti

Tom is a true leader and effective teacher in the field of accelerated learning. He is also a person who fully dedicates himself to any project or goal.
As a direct result of his mentorship and coaching this year, I have been able to achieve significant positive outcomes in my own business. He has also helped me become a more effective business woman.
The strategies that Tom taught me, will continue to positively impact my professional life, allowing me to grow my business and reach my goals.
-Chantale Lachance, Health and wellness and residual income creator

Tom Kavanaugh is an expert in Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Mindmapping and PhotoReading. He has spoken at our Inland Empire chapter of The Holistic Chamber of Commerce and received rave reviews. Additionally, his colleagues recommend him as a talented trainer and consultant. We are fortunate to have Tom as a Professional member of The Holistic Chamber of Commerce.
-Camille Leon, Founder & Executive Director of The Holistic Chamber of Commerce

Tom Kavanaugh is an outstanding human being and life-long learner, committed to excellence. He is an unstoppable man with clear vision and a plan to manifest his goals and make a contribution in our world.
As my student and PhotoReading Instructor he has emerged as one of the most effective instructors I’ve ever seen, hands down.
As my NLP teacher, trained by the developers of the NLP protocols, he is second to none and applies the technology in every area of his life. Tom is truly a synergistic and creative person, synthesizing many technologies and bringing them together under one umbrella to help people heal and recreate their lives. Being in Tom’s presence might be intimidating at first because he is so discerning. His compassion for the human experience allows him to support those he is coaching without any hint of judgment. Rapport is easily built with Tom and personal breakthroughs are guaranteed. It is my pleasure to have Tom as one of my esteemed colleagues and advisors, sharing together as growing human beings.
Having Tom Kavanaugh offer any of his trainings: NLP, Mind Mapping or PhotoReading will be a remarkable and unforgettable experience. No hype, just results.
-Millicent St. Claire, Professional Speaker, Master Trainer, Communications Expert, Best Selling Author



“Tom is an outstanding instructor for mind mapping and PhotoReading. My comfort with mind mapping grew exponentially. This is a valuable skill I now use in a variety of environments from learning opportunities, meeting minutes, strategic planning, to creating presentations.”
-Polly Graves, MindFitNow

“I wouldn’t have grasped PhotoReading as easily without first understanding Mind Mapping! This was an UNBELIEVABLE (and) rewarding experience!”
-Ryan Cleary (16 years old)

“Tom is an excellent instructor who monitors his students carefully to make sure they get the results and benefits that they seek from his instruction. The skills he teaches are invaluable to anyone who wants to increase their capacity to learn and translate what they learn into real life results.”
-Kane Shieh


I attended the PhotoReading course to prepare for a medical board exam. The techniques that I learned during the course allowed me to study much more efficiently and effectively in the limited time that I had available. Tom has a teaching style that is very thorough without being overbearing. He was extremely patient and was even available after the course for additional questions. As a result of the PhotoReading course and support from Tom I went into my exam well prepared with a positive attitude and am optimistic about the outcome!
I look forward to using my PhotoReading skills to enable me to get through reading material in a time frame that would have previously been impossible.
I highly recommend the PhotoReading course if you want to supercharge your reading speed and comprehension. The course is great and Tom is the cherry on top!
-Pam Middleton, M.D. California

“When I was finally able to break through and allow my unconscious mind to read,
the words began to jump off the page; and then the fun started!!!”
-Craig Kaminski, PGA

“The MindMapping/PhotoReading class was well paced, interesting, and when appropriate, entertaining. And yes, we really learned how to read faster even when we weren’t actively PhotoReading. Tom’s understanding of NLP principles adds to the effectiveness of the class.”
-Mary Ann Parkhurst, Radiological Scientist

“Thank you for personalizing your seminar! I destroyed my reading barriers!”
-Dr. Olga Leon, Psychologist, Ecuador

“Tom’s photoreading courses gave me a better feeling of comprehension and understanding of books and I now know when talking with others about books I can add to the conversation.”
-Chris Goehner, Policy Consultant at Anthology Consulting LLC


Breakthrough Sessions

Tom worked with me during an Executive Breakthrough Session. It was astounding how fast my attitudes and thoughts changed. It’s been three months now and all of the old baggage that was holding me back is still gone. I have increased my confidence. My business is doing better than ever and I feel as though I can accomplish anything.
-Simone McFarland, Synergie Associates


I cannot say enough about Tom and his commitment to helping his clients improve their businesses. I have worked with Tom twice, once to train our entire leadership team and agent force on NLP, and another time to consult an association group with 300+ attendees.
Tom was engaging, creative, and delivered a ton of great content. When speaker evaluations came back Tom was rated the highest speaker of the day. I would definitely recommend Tom to consult anyone looking to take their careers to the next level!”
-Misty Weltzien, CLU, ChFC, CFP®

From the first moment you interact with Tom you realize he is extremely knowledgeable in several areas. I engaged Tom to include his Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) expertise. My expectations were exceeded. True expertise is hard enough to find in today’s fast paced world, and outstanding client service even rarer still. Tom possess both. He carries my highest endorsement!
-Del Lewis, Entrepreneur & Investor

“I am very glad I took your training. I didn’t know how much I was missing by not being acquainted with the powerful knowledge of NLP. Now that I did practitioner training with you; I am very inspired to move forward with it!”
-Addie Burke, Feng Shui Consultant