iStock_000001089121SmallBenefits of Breakthrough Sessions

Breakthrough Sessions are designed to help you breakthrough the mental obstructions that limit your personal and professional life.  This frees your mind of negative and restraining behavior and is replaced with positive beliefs that can propel you to quickly reach your life’s purpose and ambitions.  The results can be astounding and stay with you for the rest of your life. The benefits to Breakthrough sessions include:

stock-photo-19887843-check-mark-square-iconRidding yourself of negative emotions and destructive thoughts from your past

stock-photo-19887843-check-mark-square-iconFreeing yourself now from limiting decisions

stock-photo-19887843-check-mark-square-iconEliminating personal baggage that holds you back

stock-photo-19887843-check-mark-square-iconReplacing negative notions with positive thinking (Imagine a cleaner “Verbally Vacuuming Your Mind” from all your past negative “Stuff”)

stock-photo-19887843-check-mark-square-iconEliminating phobias

stock-photo-19887843-check-mark-square-iconCreating a new, positive frame of mind

stock-photo-19887843-check-mark-square-iconEstablishing goals and placing them in your future timeline

stock-photo-19887843-check-mark-square-iconAllowing life-long inspirations to materialize


Why do a Breakthrough Session?

If you have ever felt held back, or unsuccessful, or if success has left you wanting a larger purpose in life, a breakthrough session can assist you.

stock-photo-19887843-check-mark-square-iconCreate better self confidence

stock-photo-19887843-check-mark-square-iconDevelop a focused sense of purpose

stock-photo-19887843-check-mark-square-iconRelease anxiety from past traumatic situations

stock-photo-19887843-check-mark-square-iconRelease fear from negative memories in your past

stock-photo-19887843-check-mark-square-iconCreative visualization


 What is a Breakthrough Session?

A Breakthrough Session is a two-day, one-on-one session that brings together a variety of techniques to teach you how to easily and effortlessly adjust your thinking, remove negative thoughts, and create a positive, purposeful mindset.

New Training Strategies incorporates a combination of techniques to address each of the six major areas of life during your Personal Breakthrough Session:





Health & Wellness

Personal Growth & Development.

New Training Strategies incorporates unique techniques to achieve lasting results including:

stock-photo-19887843-check-mark-square-iconTimeline Techniques

stock-photo-19887843-check-mark-square-iconNero Linguistic Programming

stock-photo-19887843-check-mark-square-iconMind/Body Exercises

stock-photo-19887843-check-mark-square-iconAccelerated Learning

stock-photo-19887843-check-mark-square-iconEye Movement Integration Techniques

stock-photo-19887843-check-mark-square-iconForgiveness Pattern

stock-photo-19887843-check-mark-square-iconRelease Techniques based upon personal change work modalities


Who should complete a Breakthrough Session?

Breakthrough sessions are helpful from ages 15 and up.  Breakthrough Sessions help not only people who have been through trauma, but also those who have lived an “average” or “above-average” life but want to do better.  The only criteria for a breakthrough session, is a desire to change and improve.


Where are Breakthrough Sessions held?

A Breakthrough Session should be done in a quiet retreat-type setting removed from day-to-day distractions.  We can come to a location near you or you can travel to a site near our office.


How do I schedule a Breakthrough Session?

For a confidential interview please contact Tom Kavanaugh, MA, at 805.746.5648 or by email at